Glossary of Conscientiology

Listed here are 300 denominations, composed words, expressions and their technical equivalents from Conscientiology utilised in the book Our Evolution, Dr. Waldo Vieira, 2016.

Last updated, August 2013. 

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Abdominal brain (see Abdominal sub-brain).

Abdominal sub-brain – The umbilicochakra (centre of consci- ential energy located above the navel), when unconsciously selected by a conscin, who is still at a mediocre stage of evolution, as the basis of their manifestations. The belly-brain, abdominal brain, abdominal pseudo­brain, or abdominal sub­brain, is a parody of the natural, encephalic brain (coronochakra and frontochakra); an indefensible embarrassment or megaweaktrait in conscious self-evolution.

Admiration-disagreement binomial – Posture of the evolu- tionary mature conscin, who already knows how to live in peaceful coexistence with another conscin whom he or she loves and admires, but with whose points of view, opinions and courses of action, they do not always 100% agree with.

Advanced proexis – Existential programme of the conscin,evolutionary leader, within the libertarian task specific of the groupkarma that is more universalist and polykarmic, where they are a minipiece in the multidimensional team’s maximechanism.

Agendex (agend + ex) – Extraphysical agenda or the written list of priority extraphysical consciential targets – beings, places or ideas-, which the projected projector, tries to gradually attain, in a chronological manner, establishing intelligent schemas for selfdevelopment.

Androchakra (andro + chakra) – The sexochakra of the man.

Androsoma (andro + soma) – The male human body or thatspecific to a man.

Androthosene – (andro + thosene) – Thosene specific to theprimitive male conscin or the macho man.

Animism – (Latin: animus, soul) – The set of phenomena intra and extra-corporeal produced by the conscin, without external interferences, such as, the phenomenon of the conscious projection induced by one’s will power.

Antithosene (anti + thosene) – The antagonistic thosene, common in refutations, omniquestionings and productive debates.

Aphrodisiacal feminine sexosoma – The soma of the woman, considered specifically regarding sex (gender), when in plasticconditions capable of acting as an aphrodisiac. Refer to Gynosoma.

Apparition amongst the living – Apparition of the conscious- ness of the projected human projector to intraphysical consciousnesses.

Assisted conscious projection – A projection in which the conscin sees themselves being assisted during the experiment, in a direct manner, by a helper, almost always an expert in lucid projectability (LP).

Assistex (pl. assistexes) – extraphysical assister.

Auric coupling – Interfusion of the energosomatic energies between 2 or more consciousnesses.

Binomial lucidity-recollection – Set of 2 indispensable conditions for the intraphysical consciousness to obtain a completely satisfactory lucid projection out of the body.

Biothosene (bio + thosene) – The thosene specific to a conscin.

Bithanatosis – Deactivation and discarding of the energosoma, after the physical death, including the removal of the residual energetic connections of the energosoma in the psychosoma; second death; second desoma.

Blind guide – An amoral or inexperienced consciousness acting in an anticosmoethical way towards other consciousnesses, following their egoic interests of the moment, to the detriment of others.

Bradythosene (brady + thosene) – The thosene with a slowflow, typical of the bradypsychic conscin.

Cardiochakra (cardio + chakra) – The fourth basic chakra; the agent that influences the emotion of the conscin. Vitalizes theheart and lungs.

Chakra – Nucleus or limited field of consciential energy whosecomplete set essentially constitutes the energosoma or holochakra, the energetic parabody within the soma. The energosoma forms a junction with the psychosoma, acting as a connection point throughwhich CE, consciential energy, flows from one consciential vehicleto another.

Chirosoma (chiro + soma) – The soma considered specificallywith respect to the application of the hands or manual labour.

Claritask – Advanced personal or group task of enlightenment or clarification.

Complexis (comple + exis) – Existential completism or thecondition of existential fulfilment (completion) of the conscin’s existential programme.

Con – Hypothetical unit of measurement of the level of lucidity of a conscin or consciex.

Confor (con + for) – Interaction of content (idea, essence) with the form (appearance, language) in the interconsciential communication processes (Conformaticology; Communicology).

Consciex (consci + ex) – Extraphysical consciousness; paracitizen of the extraphysical society. Synonym outdated through usage: discarnate. Plural: consciexes.

Conscientese – Non-symbolic telepathic language, native to the consciential dimension of very evolved extraphysical societies.

Consciential basement – Phase of infantile and adolescent manifestation of the conscin, until reaching the adult period, characterised by the more primitive weaktraits of the multivehicular, multiexistential and multimillennial consciousness.

Consciential bond – Cosmoethical, lucid, voluntary and polykarmic link between a person and a particular institution. The con- sciential bond goes beyond the employment bond.

Consciential concentration – State of direct focus upon a single object without deviation of the senses, consciential attributes, will and intention of the consciousness.

Consciential continuism – Condition of wholeness – without gaps – in the continuity of consciential life through the providential prevision and evolutionary self-relay, or in other words: the linking of the current experience to the experience immediately before andafter, incessantly, in a cohesive and unified whole, without discontinuity or abrupt consciential experiences.

Consciential dementia – Condition of a consciousness incapable of thinking with reasonable mental equilibrium.

Consciential ectopia – Unsatisfactory execution of the existential program, in an eccentric and displaced manner, out of the programmed itinerary chosen for the intraphysical life.

Consciential Energy (CE) – Immanent Energy which the consciousness uses in their general manifestation; it is the ene of the thosene.

Consciential era – The era in which the average conscin willbe sufficiently evolved, through impacts, re-definitions and revolutions created through the experience of lucid projectability (LP), at which point the implantation of self-conscientiality takes place.

Consciential eunuch – Conscin castrated and conscientially manipulated by sectarians, domesticators of satisfied robots, modern slaves of the unthinking mass.

Consciential gestation – Evolutionary productivity, useful, for the conscin, within the frame of the personal deeds of the existential program.

Consciential hyperspaces – Extraphysical consciential dimensions.

Consciential microuniverse – The consciousness as a whole, the sum total of all its attributes, thosenes, and manifestations in the development of its evolution. The microcosmos of the consciousness in relation to the macrocosmos of the Universe.

Consciential monoendowment – Intraphysical life under the pressure of constant intrusions by sick beings experienced by the mediocre conscin, with few talents, and without versatility.

Consciential paracomatose – Extraphysical state of coma ofa conscin when projected. Specifically one who remains invariablyunconscious and therefore without extraphysical recollections.

Consciential paradigm – Leading­theory of Conscientiologybased on the actual consciousness and its attributes.

Consciential retailing – A rudimentary system of individual behaviour characterized by lesser, isolated consciential actions having a minimum of productive results or important evolutionary effects.

Consciential scaffolding – Dispensable psychological or physiological crutches.

Consciential self-bilocation (Latin: bis, two and locus, place) – The act of the intraphysical projector finding and contemplatingtheir own human body (soma) face to face, while their consciousness is out of the body occupying another vehicle of consciential manifestation.

Consciential triendowment – Quality of the 3 talents most useful to a conscientiologist combined: intellectuality, parapsychism and communicability; consciential tricapacity.

Consciential wholesaling – Individual behaviour system characterized by the intent of taking the consciential acts together as a whole, thoroughly, without leaving behind any negative evolutionary traces or gaps.

Conscientiocentric institution (CI) – An Institution which centralizes its objectives on the consciousness itself and its evolution, like the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology (IIPC); a consciential cooperative, within the Conscientiological Socin, having consciential and employment bonds at its basis.

Conscientiocentrism – Social philosophy that concentrates its objectives in the consciousness itself and in its evolution. Conscientiocentrism is a subject covered by conscientiocentrology, the area of conscientiology which studies the establishment and maintenance of a conscientiocentric institution, in the mode of a consciential cooperative, based on consciential and employment bonds, within the conscientiological socin (Cognopolis; International Conscientiological Cosmoethical Community, ICCC).

Conscientiogram – Technical form for evaluating the evolutionary level of a consciousness; it is the consciential megatest whose model is the Homo sapiens serenissimus, the consciousness responsible for a positive egokarmic account.

Conscientiologist – Conscin committed to permanent studyand objective experimentation within the research fields of conscientiology. The conscientiologist acts as an agent of evolutionary renovations (retrocognitive agent), in the libertarian work of the consciousness in general.

Conscientiology – Science which studies the consciousness in an integral, holosomatic, multidimensional, multimillennial and multiexistential manner, and, above all, according to its reactions with immanent energies, consciential energies as well as in its multiple states.

Conscientiometrology – Discipline which studies conscientiological measurements through the resources and methods offered by Conscientiology, capable of establishing a possible basis of themathematization of the consciousness. Principle instrument: Conscientiogram.

Conscientiotherapy – Treatment, relief or remission of the disturbances of the consciousness executed through resources and techniques derived from Conscientiology.

Conscin (consc + in) – Intraphysical consciousness; a human personality; a citizen of the intraphysical society. Synonyms outdated through usage: incarnate. Plural: conscins.

Conscious Projection – Projection of the conscin out of the body; extracorporeal experience.

Consotask (conso + task) – Consolation task or the primarylevel personal or group assistantial task of consolation.

Contrabody – Same as the energosoma, the specific vehicleof Consciential Energy (CE), of the conscin.

Contrathosene (contra + thosene) – The intraconsciential thosene of the conscin; a mute mental refutation; a mental word; a mutethosene; a specific type of intrathosene.

Co-projector – Helper dedicated to working together with the conscin in the development of lucid, assisted consciential projections (Projectiology).

Coronochakra (corono + chakra) – The chakra in the sinciput area, the crown of the energosoma or holochakra.

Cosmoconsciousness – Condition or internal perception of the consciousness of the cosmos, of life and of the order of the universe, in an intellectual and cosmoethical exaltation that is impossible to describe, when the consciousness feels the life presence of the universe and becomes one with it, in an indivisible unit. There is interconsciential communication in this extraordinary condition.

Cosmoethical mimicry – Productive social impulse of imitation of evolved ancestors. Not to be confused with the para-pathological, mystical, cult of ancestors.

Cosmoethicality – Cosmoethical quality of the consciousness.

Cosmoethics (cosmo + ethics) – Ethics or reflection upon the multidimensional, cosmic moral, which defines holomaturity, situated beyond the intraphysical social moral, or the moral which presents itself with any human label.

Cosmothosene (cosmo + thosene) – Thosene specific to conscientese or the state of cosmoconsciousness; communication through the means of conscientese.

Co-therapy – Helper dedicated together with the conscientiotherapeutic conscin in the development of technical, assistantial procedures of conscientiotherapy and of evolutients (OIC).

Cothosene (co + thosene) – Thosene of the specific co-optionof a chorus, praying group or crowds.

Counterthosene (counter + thosene) – Intraconsciential thosene of the conscin; mute mental refutation; the mute thosene; a type of intrathosene.

Daydream – Fantastic plot created by the imagination during the ordinary physical waking state of the conscin; imagery.

Dermatologies of the consciousness – Compound expression attributed to the conventional physicalist sciences, subordinated to the mechanistic newtonian­cartesian paradigm, which focuses their research uniquely on the soma because they do not possess the necessary instruments for the technical, direct investigation of the consciousness itself; dermatologies of the conscin.

Desoma (de + soma) – Somatic deactivation, near and inevi-table for all conscins; final projection, first death, biological death, monothanatosis. Desoma or more specifically first desoma is the deactivation of the human body or soma. Second desoma is the deactivation of the energosoma. Third desoma is the deactivation of the psychosoma.

Destructive Macro-PK – Harmful PK (psychokinesis), capable of causing injury to the conscin, that could even be fatal to the soma.

Dimener (dim + ener) – Energetic dimension of the consciousnesses; energosomatic dimension; three and a half dimension.

The natural dimension of the energosoma.

Domicile holothosene – Physical base; energetically shielded bedroom; extraphysical clinic (offiex).

Dream – Intermediate natural consciential state between the ordinary physical waking state and natural sleep, characterized by a set of ideas and images that present themselves to the consciousness. The bad dream which has as an effect of agitation, anguish and oppression during its development, receives the names: nightmare, nocturnal terror or nightmarish hallucination.

Egokarma (ego + karma) – Principle of cause and effect, acting on the evolution of the consciousness, when exclusively centred on the ego itself. State of free will tied to childish egocentrism.

Egothosene (ego + thosene) – The same as self-thosene; theunit of measurement of consciential egotism, according to Conscientiology, or more appropriately, Conscientiometrology.

Energetic coupling – Interfusion of the energosomatic energies between 2 or more consciousnesses.

Energetic intrusion – Invasion of a consciousness by another through the CEs (consciential energy) or the energosoma (holochakra).

Energosoma (energo + soma) – Energetic parabody of the conscin; holochakra.

Energosomatic existence – Intraphysical or human life of the conscin.

Energosomatic intrusion – Invasion of a conscin by another through the energosoma (holochakra); energetic intrusion; energosomatic intrusion.

Energosomatic looseness – Condition of relative freedom of action of the energetic parabody of the conscin, with respect to the psychosoma and the soma.

Energosomatic seduction – Energetic action, with the more or less conscious intention, of a consciousness to dominate another or others.

Energosomaticity – Quality of the manifestations of the conscin derived from the energosoma.

Enerspring (ener + spring) – Energetic springtime; personal condition, more or less long-lasting, of a peak level of healthy and constructive consciential energies (CEs)

Enerspring by two – Energetic springtime of the evolutionary duo, in which the partners truly love each other and fully dominate the application of their healthy consciential energies (CEs), with full lucidity, constructing their existential programme through consciential gestations.

Enumerology – Didatic technique of elaboration and pro- cessing of text centred on the techniques of informative self-criticism and listing.

Epicon (epi + con) – Consciential epicenter, key conscin for the operation of epicentrism, who becomes a fulcrum of lucidity, assistantiality and interdimensional constructiveness, through the offiex or extraphysical clinic. It has a direct relation with penta (Pen- taology). Plural: epicons.

Euphorex (euphor + ex) – Condition of extraphysical euphoria, after somatic deactivation, generated through the reasonable completion of the existential programme; post­mortem euphoria; paraeuphoria; post-desomatic euphoria. Euphorex can affect the lucidly projected person.

Euphorin (euphor + in) – Condition of intraphysical euphoria, prior to somatic deactivation, generated through the reasonable completion of the existential programme;pre­mortem euphoria. Ideal predisposing condition for a positive maxiexistential moratorium.

Evolutionary duo – Two consciousnesses who interact posi- tively in joint evolution; existential condition of evolutionary cooperation by two.

Evolutionary Orientor (Evolutiologist) – Consciousness who coadjutates the intelligent coordination of the proexis, or of the consciential evolution of one or more consciousnesses, in the same groupkarma. The evolutionary condition between the permanintfree and the serenissimus (Homo sapiens serenissimus). According to the Thesaurus of Conscientiology this expression is more appropriate than evolutionary orienter.

Existential inverter – Conscin who executes existential inver- sion in the intraphysical life.

Existential recycler – Conscin who disposes themselves to the execution of recexis.

Existential self-mimicry – Imitation by a conscin, of life occurrences or past experiences, from the current life or from previous existences.

Extraphysical – Relative to that which is outside, or beyond the intraphysical or human state; a consciential state less physical than the body.

Extraphysical approach – Contact of one consciousness with another in the extraphysical dimensions.

Extraphysical catatonia – Fixed condition of the conscin, when projected, who maintains stereotyped, repeated and generally useless or dispensable extraphysical acts with respect to their evolution.

Extraphysical community – Parapopulation group or life in common and meeting of consciexes in an extraphysical dimension.

Extraphysical helper – Consciex who aids and assists a conscin or various conscins; extraphysical benefactor. Equivalent archaic expressions, worn out and antiquated through continuous usage: guardian angel; angel of light; spiritual guide; mentor.

Extraphysical marauding – Action of a group of energivorous consciexes, including extraphysical blind guides, in paratropospheric dimensions for the purpose of vampirising conscins. It usually happens surrounding celebrations or during intraphysical events which gather persons prone to collective intrusive victimization through consciential energies.

Extraphysical monitoring – Condition of assistance performed by healthy consciexes in favour of a balanced conscin, whenthey perform the also balanced task of consolation or clarification. It occurs with the consciousness who acts as a minipiece in the assistantial maximechanism.

Extraphysical precognition (Latin: pre, before; cognoscere,to know) – The perceptive faculty through which the consciousness, fully projected outside the human body, becomes aware of unknown upcoming facts, as well as objects, scenes and distant forms, in the immediate or distant future.

Extraphysical romance – Set of acts through which a conscin maintains a positive and healthy romance, while out of the body.

Free consciex (FC) (Latin: con + scientia, with knowledge)– A consciousness, or more specifically a consciex, who definitivelyfreed themselves (deactivated) from the psychosoma or emotional parabody, and from the connections of the seriexises. It is situated after the Homo sapiens serenissimus in the evolutionary scale’s hierarchy.

Geoenergy (geo + energy) – Immanent energy (IE) from the ground and the earth absorbed by the conscin through the prekundal­ ini. Archaic expression: telluric energy.

Golden Cord – Supposed energetic element – similar to a remote control – which maintains the mentalsoma connected to the parabrain of the psychosoma.

Graphothosene (grapho + thosene) – The conscin’s thosenic signature.

Grecex (gr + rec + ex) – Group of existential recyclers; intraphysical reunion and experience, together, in-group, with the objective of experiencing a planned existential recycling. Plural: grecexes.

Grinvex (gr + inve + ex) – Group of existential invertors; intraphysical reunion and experience, together, in-group, with the objective of experiencing a planned existential inversion. Plural: grin­ vexes.

Groupality – Quality of the evolutionary group of the consciousness; condition of evolution in group.

Groupkarma (group + karma) – Principle of cause and ef­ fect acting in the evolution of the consciousness, when centred on the evolutionary group. State of individual free will linked to the evolutionary group.

Groupkarmic course – Set of stages of the consciousness within the consciential evolutionary group.

Groupkarmic interprison – Condition of groupkarmic insep- arability of the consciential evolutionary principle or consciousness, generally still pathological, on this planet.

Groupthosene (group + thosene) – The sectarian, corporativist and antipolykarmic thosene; a groupthosene can also be constructive.

Gynochakra (gyno + chakra) – The sexochakra of the woman (Gynosomatics).

Gynosoma (gyno + soma) – The feminine human body or body specific of a woman, specialized in the animal reproduction of theintraphysical life of the consciousness; the aphrodisiac body.

Gynothosene (gyno + thosene) – The thosene specific to feminine language and communicability.

Hallucination (Latin: hallucinary, err) – Apparent perception of an external object not present at the moment; mental error in the perception of the senses without a foundation in any objective reality.

Heterothosene (hetero + thosene) – The thosene of others in relation to the researcher.

Holokarma (holo + karma) – Reunion of the three types of consciential actions and reactions – egokarma, groupkarma, and polykarma – within the principle of cause and effect acting on the evolution of the consciousness.

Holomaturity (holo + maturity) – Condition of the conscin’s integrated maturity – biological, psychological, holosomatic and multidimensional.

Holomemory (holo + memory) – Causal memory, composed, multi-millennial, multi-existential, implacable, uninterrupted, personal, which retains all the facts relative to the consciousness; multimemory; polymemory.

Holorgasm (holo + orgasm) – Holosomatic orgasm; maximum level of ecstasy generated by the energies of the entire holosoma.

Holosoma (holo + soma) – Set of vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness: soma, energosoma, psychosoma and mentalsoma; and from the consciex: psychosoma and mentalsoma.

Holosomatic homeostasis – Healthy integrated state of har- mony of the holosoma.

Holosomatic interfusion – State of maximum assyms between 2 consciousnesses.

Holosomatic intrusion – Invasion of a consciousness by another through the entire holosoma.

Holosomatics – Specific study of the holosoma.

Holothosene (holo + thosene) – Thosenes aggregated or consolidated. Synonym outdated through usage: egregora. This word generates resistance in a large range of serious science readers.

Homo sapiens serenissimus – Consciousness experiencing the full extent of the integral condition of lucid serenism. Synonym in common use: Serenissimus.

Homothosene (homo + thosene) – The thosene of telepathic emission and reception; the unit of measurement of telepathy, according to Conscientiometrology.

Hyperacuity – Quality of maximum lucidity of the conscin attained through the recuperation of cons.

Hyperthosene (hyper + thosene) – The heuristic thosene; the original idea of the discovery; the neophilic thosene; the unit of mea­ surement of the invention, according to conscientiometrology.

Hypnagogy (Greek: hipnos, sleep; and agogós, conductor) – Transitional condition of the consciousness between the ordinary physical waking state and the state of natural sleep. It is an altered state of consciousness.

Hypnopompy (Greek: hipnos, sleep; and pompikós, proces- sion) – Transitional condition between natural sleep and the physical waking state; the semi-asleep state which precedes the act of waking up, characterized by oneiric images with auditory effects and hallucinatory visions which last until awakening. It is an altered state of consciousness.

Hypothosene (hypo + thosene) – The same as the protothoseneor the phytothosene.

Immanent Energy (IE) – Primary, vibrational, essential, multiform and impersonal energy diffused and dispersed throughout all the objects or realities of the universe, in an omnipotent manner. It remains untamed by the human consciousness, and is too subtle to be discovered and detected by technological instruments (Base- year: 2006).

Incomplete couple – A pair composed by a man and a wom- an who do not actually compose an intimate couple or perform the complete sexual act, but do nonetheless maintain strong affective ties.

Incomplexis (in + complexis) – Existential condition of a conscin with an incomplete existential programme.

Integrated maturity – State of more evolved consciential maturity, beyond the biological or physical maturity, and of the mental or psychological; holomaturity.

Interconsciential climate – Condition of multi-understanding during an interconsciential meeting, established through an afinity of thosenes, especially charged in the CEs or consciential energies.

Interconsciential intrusion – Action exerted by one consciousness over another.

Intermissibility – Quality of the intermissive period of a consciousness.

Intermission – Extraphysical period of the consciousness between 2 of their personal human lives.

Intermissive course – Set of disciplines and theorical experi- ences administered to the consciex, after a certain evolutionary level, during the period of consciential intermission, within the cycle of personal existences. The objective of the intermissive course is consciential completism in the next human life.

Intervivos Apparition – Apparition of the consciousness of a projected human projector to conscins.

Intraconsciential compensation – Conscientiometric technique based on the use of one’s maximum consciential attribute or most developed trait (strongtrait) to overcome the less developed consciential attributes (weaktraits) of one’s consciential microuniverse.

Intraconscientiality – Quality of the specific intimate manifestations of the consciousness; the central megafocus of self-conscientiality.

Intraphysical alternating pre-serenissimus – Conscin capable of consciously living, at the same time, in the ordinary physical waking state and projected, from time to time, in the extraphysical dimension.

Intraphysicality – Condition of the conscin’s intraphysical human life, or existence.

Intrathosene (intra + thosene) – Intraconsciential thosene of the conscin.

Intrusion – Sick interconsciential thosenic intrusion. Equivalent anachronistic worn out expression: possession; there are numerous conscins who defend themselves against this word.

Intrusive Stigma – An always dramatic, generally pathological, failure or evolutionary defeat, usually stemming from consciential self-obsession that generates melin or melex. It often results in parapsychic accidents for oneself or those most close or loved consciousnesses.

Invexability – Quality of the execution of existential inversion.

Invexis (inv + exis) – Technique of existential inversion performed by a conscin.

Locked existence – Human existence without the occurrence of CPs; tropospheric human life with only vegetative, unconscious projections, characteristic of the state of evolutionary paracoma; locked serial existence.

Lucid Projectability (LP) – Lucid projective, paraphysiological quality of the consciousness, capable of discoincidence or taking the vehicles of manifestation out of the condition of alignment, including through the impulsion of the will power.

Lucidity-recollection binomial – Set of 2 indispensable conditions for the conscin to obtain a completely satisfactory lucid projection out of the body.

Macrosoma (macro + soma) – Extraordinary or super­custom­ ized soma for the execution of a specific existential programme, from Paragenetic, Psychosomatic and Holomnemonic.

Maxienerspring (maxi + enerspring) – Condition of a prolonged or maximum energetic springtime.

Maxifraternity – Most evolved universalistic interconsciential condition, founded on the pure fraternity of a self-unforgiving and hetero-forgiving consciousness, an inevitable goal in the evolution of all consciousnesses.

Maximorexis (maxi + mor + exis) – Condition of a larger existential morexis or one that comes to the conscin who is a com­ pletist, in the quality of an add-on or addendum (on the basis of a surplus), with respect to the existential completion of their proexis; therefore, the execution of a healthy extra to a concluded existential mandate.

Maxiproexis (maxi + proexis) – Maximum existential program, wholesale, or with the intent of executing the task in relation to the experience of universalism and maxifraternity, with a polykarmic basis. The maxiproexis essentially depends on the groupkarma (groupkarmality).

Maxithosene (maxi + tho + sen + ene) – The thosene peculiar to the FCs or Free Consciex.

Megagoal – The greatest objective of the consciousness’ self- evolution.

Megapower – The evolved condition of the consciousness’ magnum cosmoethical lucidity.

Megastrongtrait – The maximum strongtrait of the consciousness.

Megathosene (mega + thosene) – The same as orthothosene.

Megaweaktrait – The maximum weaktrait of the consciousness.

Melex (mel + ex) – Condition of extraphysical melancholy, or post-desomatic or post­mortem melancholy; paramelancholy. Melin (mel + in) – Condition of intraphysical melancholy or pre­mortem melancholy.

Mental projective target – Predetermined target which the conscin wishes to reach through will power, intention, mentalization and decision, once lucid outside their physical body.

Mentalsoma (mental + soma) – Mental body; the parabodyof self-discernment of the consciousness. Extraphysical tool of consciexes and conscins. Plural: mentalsomas.

Mentalsomatic cycle – The cycle or evolutionary course of the consciousness which begins with the newly attained conditionof FC, or Free Consciex, in which the psychosoma is definitivelydeactivated (third death) and the consciousness lives exclusively with the mentalsoma.

Metasoma (meta + soma) – The same as the psychosoma, extraphysical instrument of consciexes and conscins.

Minienerspring (mini + enerspring) – Condition of the minimal or ephemeral energetic springtime.

Minimorexis (mini + morexis) – Condition of a smaller scale existential moratorium or one that comes to the incompletist conscin in order to make up their holokarmic deficit (deficit bases) or to conclude the condition of existential completion with respect to its existential programme; therefore the completion of a still unconcludedand deficitary existential mandate.

Miniproexis (mini + proexis) – Minimal existential program,retail like, or with the objective of executing a minimal task, still groupkarmic and not polykarmic.

Minithosene (mini + thosene) – The thosene specific to a childsometimes as a result of the brain still in development.

Mnemonic intrusion – Collision of the intrusive memory of a consciex over the cerebral memory of a conscin (paramnesia).

Mnemosoma (mnemo + soma) – The soma considered specifi- cally with respect to the memory of the consciousness in all its forms.

Monothanatos – The same as the desoma; first death.

Monothosene (mono + thosene) – The repetitive thosene; monoideism; the fixed idea; the mental echo; rethosene.

Morexis (mor + exis) – Condition of the existential moratorium, or a complement to the intraphysical life, given to certain consciousnesses based on their holokarmic merit. The morexis can bebased on a deficit – smaller – minimorexis; or a surplus – larger –maximorexis, with respect to the results of the proexis.

Morphothosene (morpho + thosene) – The thought or set of thoughts when united and expressing themselves in some fashion, as a form. Archaic expression, no longer used: thought­form. The accumulation of morphothosenes composes the consciousnesses’ holothosene.

Multicomplexis (multi + complexis) – Existential multicompletism or complexis obtained through the execution of various existential programmes (proexis) in diverse, consecutive intraphysical lives (Seriexology).

Multidimensional self-conscientization (MSC) – Condition of mature lucidity of the conscin with respect to life in the evolved state of multidimensionality, attained through LP, or lucid projection.

Multiexistential cycle – The system or condition of continuous alternating cycles, at our average evolutionary level, with a period of intraphysical rebirth (a serial existence) followed by an extraphysical or intermissive period, post somatic deactivation.

Near Death Experience (NDE) – Involuntary or forced pro- jective occurrence that is experienced by the conscin in critical human circumstances. The NDE is common among terminal patients, dying patients and survivors of clinical death.

Neophilia – Easy adaptation of the conscin to new situations, things and occurrences. The opposite is neophobia.

Neothosene (neo + thosene) – The thosene of the conscin when it manifests through new synapses or interneuronial connections, capable of creating recin or intraconsciential recycling; the unit of measurement of consciential renovation, according to conscientiology or more appropriately conscientiometry.

Offiex (offi + ex) – Extraphysical clinic of an intraphysical epicon. The extraphysical resources and installations of the offiex aremultiple and surprising. A domiciliary holothosene, however personal.

Oneirothosene (oneiro + thosene) – The same as the pathothosene.

Orgasmic aura (Latin: aura, breath of air) – Energosomatic energy of the facies sexualis of the man or woman at the exact moment of orgasm or climax of the sexual act.

Orthothosene (ortho + thosene) – The thosene that is correct or cosmoethical, pertaining to consciential holomaturity; according to Conscientiometrology, it is the unit of measurement of practical cosmoethics.

Pangraphy – Sophisticated and embracing multimodal parapsychic writing.

Para – Prefix that means beyond, or besides, as in parabrain. It also means extraphysical in the context of Conscientiology.

Parabrain – Extraphysical brain of the psychosoma of the consciousness in the extraphysical state (consciex), intraphysical (conscin) and projected, when through the psychosoma.

Paragenetics – The genetics relative to the inheritances of the consciousness, through the psychosoma, of lives prior to the human embryo.

Paraman – Consciex with the visual appearance of a man or a projected male conscin. Synonym, an aged expression worn out through excessive usage: male spiritual entity.

Parapathology – Pathology of the vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness, excluding the human body or soma.

Paraphysiology – Physiology of the vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness, excluding the human body or soma.

Parapsychic accident – Physical or psychological disturbancecaused through sick energetic, interconsciential influences, generally of extraphysical or multi-dimensional origins.

Parapsychic signaletics – Existence, identification andself-conscious usage of the animic, parapsychic and personal energetic signals that all conscins possess.

Parapsychophysical repercussions – Reactions between two vehicles of consciential manifestation, during the act of coming into contact with one another. This applies to the different vehicles of one consciousness, or between similar vehicles of two or more consciousness. Such repercussions can be intraphysical or extraphysical.

Parasanitary encapsulation – Temporary assistantial isolation and energetic annulment of thosenic manifestations of one or more sick conscins or consciexes – notably energetic, intrusive or those related to intrusion. It is analogous to the sanitary isolation that exists in hospitals for the treatment of patients with infectious and contagious diseases or high levels of radioactivity or toxic contamination.

Parathosene (para + thosene) – The thosene specific to a consciex.

Parawoman – Consciex with a visual appearance of a woman or an intraphysical female consciousness. Synonym, an aged expression worn out through excessive usage: female spiritual entity.

Passes to the dark – Popular expression for the daily, technical transmission of consciential energies, or CEs, by a conscin with the permanent assistance of helpers, directly to consciexes or a conscin projected or in the ordinary physical waking state. Technical expression: penta (personal energetic task).

Pathothosene (patho + thosene) – The pathological thosene or consciential insanity; mental peccadillo; pathological will; sick intention; cerebral rumination.

Penile aura – Sexochakral energy around the penis, particularly when erect. It is noticeable by anyone motivated, especially through a self-examination by a man when sexually excited.

Penta (pe + en + ta) – Multidimensional, daily, personal energetic task. The individual who performs penta receives continuous assistance from the helpers on a longterm basis or for the rest of their life. Popular expression: passes to the dark.

Permanintfree (perman + int + free) – Intraphysical being or conscin that is totally and permanently intrusion free. They are fully aware of their quality of intrusionfreeness.

Permanintfreeness – Consciential quality of the permanintfree.

Personal experience – Practical, personal, direct and nontransferable experimentation of the conscin along their evolutionary


Personal principles – Set of values and initiatives chosen by the consciousness that guide their consciential life. It is based on holomaturity, multidimensionality and experienced cosmoethics.

Phenomena concomitant to CP – That which occurs in thespace­time continuum or not, but simultaneously with the development of the experience of the conscious projection, in a spontaneous and unexpected fashion.

Phenomena concomitant to the CP – That which occurs in the space-time continuum or not, but simultaneously with the development of the experience of the conscious projection, in a spontaneous and unexpected fashion.

Physical base – The safe place, chosen by the conscin to leave the inanimate or resting body, while projecting themselves into other consciential dimensions beyond the body. It is the projectiogenic holothosene in the home and presents a direct relation to: the energetically shielded bedroom, penta, the epicon, the offiex, theprojectarium, the precognitarium and the retrocognitarium.

Phytothosene (phyto + thosene) – The rudimentary thosene of a plant; the lexical unit of a plant, according to Conscientiology.

Podosoma (podo + soma) – The soma considered specificallywith respect to the application of the feet, or work occurring with the feet, for example, that of a soccer player.

Polykarma (poly + karma) – Principle of cause and effectacting in the evolution of the consciousness, when centred in the sense and experience of cosmic maxi-fraternity, beyond the egokarma and groupkarma. Polykarma frees the consciousness from groupkarmic interprison.

Post-desomatic intermission – The extraphysical period of the consciousness immediately after their somatic deactivation or desoma (death).

Precognitarium – The physical base technically prepared for the production of precognitive CPs (conscious projections).

Precognition (Latin: pre, before; cognocescere, to know) – Perceptive faculty through which the consciousness, completely projected out of the human body, becomes aware of indeterminate facts, including objects, distant scenes and forms, regarding the future.

Precouple – Initial preliminary condition of practical human sexuality within intraphysical society.

Pre-intraphysical mandate – Existential programme for the human life planned before the intraphysical rebirth of the consciousness; proexis.

Prekundalini – Secondary plantochakra. There are two plantochakras in the holosoma of the conscin. An expression peculiar to conscientiology.

Pre-serenissimus – A conscin or consciex, who does not yet live with lucid serenism.

Presomatic intermission – The extraphysical period of the consciousness prior to their intraphysical rebirth.

Primothosene (primo + thosene) – The same as the primary cause of the universe; the first composed thought. There is no pluralform for this noun.

Proexis (pro + exis) – The existential programme specific toeach conscin in their serial existence.

Projectarium – Physical base technically prepared for the production of CPs.

Projectiocriticism – Science of projectiological criticism. It is a specialty of conscientiology.

Projectiography – Technical study of projectiologic accounts.

Projectiology (Latin: projectio, projection; Greek: logos, trea- tise) – Science that studies the projections of the consciousness and its effects, including the projection of CEs out of the holosoma.

Projectiotherapy – The science of the depurations and therapies derived from the researches and techniques of projectiology.

Projective phenomena – Parapsychic occurrence specificwithin the context of the research of projectiology, a specialty of conscientiology.

Projective recess – The existential phase of the conscin characterized by the spontaneous cessation – almost always temporary – of lucid projective experiences, within a sequence of intensive experiments.

Protothosene (proto + thosene) – The most rudimentary thosene; the same as the phytothosene or hypothosene.

Psychosoma (Greek: psyckhé, soul; soma, body) – The emotional parabody of the consciousness; the objective body of the conscin.

Psychosomatic intrusion – Invasion of a consciousness by another through emotionality, or through the psychosoma. Recexibility – The quality of the intraphysical execution of existential recycling (recexis).

Recexis (rec + exis) – Technique of existential recycling performed by the conscin.

Recin (rec + in) – The intraphysical, existential, intraconsciential recycling or the cerebral renovation of the conscin through the creation of new synapses or interneuronial connections capable of allowing for an adjustment of the existential program, the execution of recexis, invexis, the acquisition of new ideas, neothosenes, hyperthosenes and other neophilic conquests of the self-motivated conscin.

Rethosene (re + thosene) – The repeated thosene. The same as the monothosene, fixed idea or monoideism.

Retrocognitarium – The physical base technically prepared for the production of retrocognitive CPs.

Retrocognition (Latin: retro, rear, cognoscere, to know) – The perceptive faculty through which the conscin becomes aware of facts, scenes, forms, objects, success and experiences belonging to the distant past, commonly related to their holomemory.

Retrothosene (retro + thosene) – The thosene specific to selfretrocognitions; the same as the mnemotechnics’ engrama; the unit of measurement of the retrocognition, according to conscientiometrology.

Robexis (rob + exis) – Existential robotization; the condition of the tropospheric conscin, excessively intraphysically or quadridimensionally enslaved.

Self-conscientiality – The quality of the level of self-knowledge the actual consciousness has; megaknowledge; selcognition.Self-mimicry – The consciential quality of existential selfmimicry.

Self-projection – The intentional, or provoked by will power, exit of the conscin into another consciential dimension, through the mentalsoma or psychosoma.

Self-thosene (self + thosene) – The thosene of the actual consciousness.

Self-unforgiver – A conscin who, in their self-discipline, does not forgive themself with respect to errors and omissions, with the purpose of eliminating their conscious self-corruptions. This healthy condition should come before the equally healthy condition of hetero­forgiver, a sincere, universal forgiver of all beings, forever. This is a basic principle of megabrotherhood or the cosmoethic.

Semiconscious projection – Oneiric experience in which the projected conscin realizes they are partially lucid, in an uncontrolled fashion. It is not an ideal conscious projection; a lucid dream.

Sene (sen + ene) – Sentiment and consciential energy.

Serenissimus – The popular name for Homo sapiens serenissimus. Plural: serenissimi.

Seriality – Quality of the consciousness subjected to serial existence or the succession of human lives.

Seriexis (seri + exis) – 1. The consciousness’ evolutionary existential seriation; successive existences; the series of intraphysical rebirths. 2. Human or intraphysical life. Synonym, an aged expres- sion worn out through excessive usage: reincarnation; this archaic word no longer reaches the serious people dedicated to the leading edge research of consciousness. Plural: seriexises.

Sexochakra (sexo + chakra) – The basic root or sexual chakra of the conscin. Old expression related to the CE of this chakra: Kundalini (the serpentine fire).

Sexosomatology – Specific study of the soma with respect tothe sex, or sexosoma, and its relations with the conscin, be it a man or a woman.

Sexothosene (sexo + thosene) – The sexual fantasy; according to Sexosomatology and Conscientiometrology it is the unit of measurement of mental adultery.

Sexsoma (sex + soma) – The soma when considered specifically in relation to its sex.

Sleep – The natural resting state in humans and higher animals especially characterized by the normal and periodic suppression of regular perceptual activity and voluntary movements, by relaxing the senses and muscles, through the reduction of circulatory and respiratory frequencies, and even dream activity, during which the body recovers from fatigue.

Sociex (soci + ex) – Extraphysical society or of the consciexes. Plural: sociexes.

Socin (soc + in) – Intraphysical society or of the conscins; Human society. Plural: socins.

Soma – Human body, the body of the individual from the Kingdom: Animalia, Branch: Chordata, Class: Mammalia, Order: Primates, Family: Hominidae, Genus: Homo, Species: Homo sapiens,the most elevated level of animal on this planet; in spite of the exposed, most rustic vehicle of the conscin’s holosoma.

Spermatic intrusion – Introduction of the man’s sperm into the woman’s sexosoma, during the sexual act.

State of suspended animation – The state in which the conscin has temporarily suspended the cellular body’s vital and essential functions, later returning to its normal physiological conditions, in certain cases no damage to the individual’s health occurs, cells survive in a state of human metabolic hibernation.

Strongtrait – The strong point or trait of a conscin’s personality; a positive component in the structure of one’s consciential universe that propels the consciousness’ evolution.

Sub-thosene (sub + thosene) – Thosene charged with consciential energy from the abdominal sub-brain, most notably the energy from the umbilicalchakra; the unit of measurement of the abdominal sub-brain, according to Somatology and Conscientiometrology.

Symas (sym + as) – Sympathetic assimilation; Sympathetic assimilation of CEs, or consciential energies, through the will power, usually with the decoding of the set of thosenes of the other consciousness or consciousnesses.

Symdeas (sym + deas) – Sympathetic deassimilation; Sympathetic deassimilation of CEs, or consciential energies, practiced through the impulsion of the willpower, normally through the VE or vibrational state.

Tachythosene (tachy + thosene) – The fast flow of thosenes,characteristic of the tachypsychic conscin.

Telethosene (tele + thosene) – Same as homothosene.

Theorice (theor + ice) – Experience of both theory (1%) and practice (99%) on the part of the conscin or consciex.

Thosen (tho + sen) – Thought and sentiment.

Thosenator – Instrument through which the consciousnessmanifests its thoughts and actions. In the specific case of the conscinthe fundamental thosenator is the soma.

Thosene (tho + sen + ene) – The unit of practical manifestation of the consciousness, according to conscientiology, which considers the thought or idea (concept), the sentiment or emotion, and the CE (consciential energy) as whole, in an indivisible fashion.

Thosenic intrusion – Invasion of one consciousness by another through the mentalsoma.

Thosenity – The quality of someone’s thosenic consciousness.

Trithanatose – Deactivation and discarding of the psychosoma by the consciousness, Homo sapiens serenissimus entering the condition of free consciousness (FC); third desoma.

Umbilicalchakra (umbilical + chakra) – Chakra located above the navel. Related to the (abdominal) physiology and paraphysiology of the conscin.

Universalism – Set of ideas derived from the universality of the basic laws of nature and the universe. As a result of our natural evolution universalism inevitably becomes the dominant philosophy of consciousness; cosmism.

Vehicle of consciousness – Instrument or body that enables the consciousness to manifest in the intraphysical (conscin) and extraphysical dimensions.

Verbaction (verb + action) – Coherent interaction betweenwhat is said and what is done by a consciousness; result of one’s words being ratified by one’s actions.

Vibrational State (VS) – The technical condition of the dynamization of the energosoma’s energies through the impulsion of the will.

Virus of intraphysical society – Any social weak trait in the intraphysical life of a human consciousness.

Volitional intrusion – The invasion of the will of a consciousness over another through hetero-suggestion, hetero-hypnosis or external induction.

Waking Discoincidence – The parapsychic condition of the conscin – projector – in which it becomes aware of the psychosoma out of the state of coincidence, during the full physical vigil, withoutfeeling completely integrated to the body, generating an intensificationof the paraperception and of energetic and parapsychic phenomena.

Weaktrait – The weak point or trait of a conscin’s personality; a negative component of the structure of one’s consciential universe that the individual is not yet able to overcome.

Xenophrenia (Greek: xenos, strange; phrem, mind) – The state of human consciousness outside of the waking state’s normal pattern, induced by physical, physiological, psychological, pharmacological or psychic agents.

Xenothosene (xeno + thosene) – The intrusive thosene of an intruder in the occurrences of thosenic intrusion; mental wedge; theunit of measurement of interconsciential intrusion, according to Thosenology and Conscientiometrology.

Zoothosene (zoo + thosene) – The thosene of an unaware sub-human animal; the unit of measurement of a sub-human animal’s consciential principle, according to thosenology and Conscientiometrology.